Compassionate and comprehensive therapeutic academy for struggling teens

For over 20 years, Island View has provided residential therapeutic care to assist adolescents in building healthy futures. Every day, our skilled and passionate professionals encourage students to build upon their strengths and abandon self-defeating behaviors. Our outstanding reputation with referring professionals is largely due to a long history of favorable treatment outcomes.

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About Us

Helping troubled teens by combining academics, therapy, and recreation, to create positive change.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff has a history of working with teens, and are committed to their success.


We make the safety and success of your child our highest priority while delivering quality care.


Frequently asked questions providing you with the latest information about our program.


Our program includes college prep academics, therapy, and, intensive medical services.


Get information on our admissions process, including how to contact us and how to apply.

A Message from our Director

A Message from our Director

"Welcome to the Island View website, and thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about our program. From the day your child arrives on our campus until long after he or she has completed our program, your entire family will be valued members of the Island View family. This vibrant group of parents and professionals is united in the effort to improve the lives of struggling teens and, to provide ongoing support to parents and other caregivers." Read more

Our Philosophy

We believe that a high-impact, long-term residential treatment environment is the best option for adolescents who are struggling with perpetually unchanging, self-defeating behaviors. We have dedicated ourselves to developing a comprehensive therapeutic approach which enables young people in crisis to overcome the full spectrum of personal obstacles and, in time, become whole again. Read more



“Island View’s program saved our lives – and broke the despairing spiral that plagued our troubled teenager. Thank you doesn’t begin to express our gratitude.”

Esteemed Program

Island View was founded in 1994 and has since helped over 1500 students and families find their way back to happiness and health. Over the years, Island View has gained the reputation as the “gold standard” in residential care for adolescents, providing a model for many other programs to emulate.